General Information

Reminder!! Bring a blanket to sit in for tomorrow’s grade 8 picnic!!

Graduation Information and Reminders

The graduation ceremony will be taking place at Ancaster Meadow in the gymnasium and 5:00 pm on Thursday, June 23rd. Doors will open at 4:15 pm and seats selections are based on a first come, first served basis. Please make sure to bring your tickets with you, in order to enter the gymnasium. Dinner Dance to Follow and Marquis Gardens.

*** All students must arrive at 4:15 pm sharp, in the library.

We will also be having our grad rehearsal on Wednesday,  June 22, followed by a grade 8 celebration. Please make sure students are at school that day! Feel free to bring the shoes you will wear on grad night to practice walking in them.

Just a reminder if you would like to purchase a professional photograph of your son or daughter receiving their diploma to bring $20 CASH. You will be able to order them in the lobby after the ceremony.


 All Star Day!


Literacy and Numeracy Summer Camps!

Attached are the flyers for your school’s Grade 7 & 8 summer literacy and numeracy camp. Registration is now open!

Ancaster Meadow Gr 7 & 8 Literacy Worx Summer Camp Flyer _2016

Ancaster Meadow Gr 7 & 8 Fractions Summer Camp Flyer -2016

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Grad Rehearsal

Grad Rehearsal

STEP Information for Parents:

S.T.E.P. is a two week transition program for current Grade 8 students to: become acquainted with their Secondary School, review Literacy and Math in preparation for Grade 9, learn new strategies for balancing their high school workload and to meet new classmates and build relationships for a more confident start in Grade 9.

Program Dates: August 8 to 19, 2016 – 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  

For more details and important dates click on the link below.

2016 STEP programs 

Wacky Spirit Day!

Thanks to all the students who participated today and helped raise money for the United Way!

image imageimage

Montreal Itinerary for the Grad Trip!

Below is the final copy of the itinerary for the Montreal Trip!  Please share this with your parents so they will know where you will be and what you will be doing while we are away.

Final Montreal Itinerary 2016


***Parents, please PRINT AND RETURN the bottom portion of your son/daughter’s Growth and Development letter and return to the classroom teacher by FRIDAY, MARCH 11TH.  This unit will begin with some classes the week of March 29th and wrapping up with all classes by the end of May.  The Parent Resource Guide attachment is helpful for you to review and it has links to other sources as well.  Should you have further questions or concerns, Health teachers will be available Tuesday, March 22nd between 3:30-4:00pm in the Gym office.***

Grade 8 Growth&DevPDF

Parent Resource Guide


Spirit Day!

Thanks to all the grade 8’s that showed their spirit and wore their pjs today! We raised over $900 dollars for our adopt-a-family!!!





Meet the 2015-2016 Student Council!!!!!

sudent council 187


Grad Trip! 

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are going to start planning our possible grade 8 graduation trip! We are looking into going to Ottawa or Montreal in early June for 3 days and 2 nights. This letter is to see the amount of interest we have with this year’s group of grade 8 students. The planning of this trip is dependent on expressed interest from a significant portion of the graduating class.

Please click on the letter below and return to Miss Hodgins by Thursday, November 26, 2015

interest in trip parent letter



Interested in Student Council this year?

Please submit a letter to Miss Hodgins answering the following questions by Tuesday, November 10, 2015. 

  1. Why do you want to be part of the student council this year?
  2. What can you bring to the student council?
  3. What have you previously done to show leadership?

We look forward to getting started with the 2015-2016 student council this year!

Welcome to Grade 8!

This is an exciting year of new experiences and learning opportunities. Grade 8 is a very important year, as you bring to an end your Elementary School years at Ancaster Meadow.  It is a challenging year with class work, homework and many projects but entails many leadership opportunities and exciting events such “A Day in the Life of a High School Student.” We hope that you get the most out of this year as it is your final preparation for high school.

Our classrooms will function as laboratories of learning, with classes consisting of whole classroom discussions, a wide variety of problem solving activities, tests and individual end of unit culminating activities. We will work hard to create an environment in which all of you (our learners) feel valued and confident, having the courage to take risks and make mistakes.

We will be challenging you to take charge of your education. It is our hope that you will learn valuable skills that will benefit you throughout your lifetime, in whatever path you choose. We will be working as a team to help you develop deep learning skills. “Deep learning is understanding and applying what is being taught, not just memorizing it.”

We are looking forward to being your teachers during this awesome year!

Miss Hodgins & Miss Whiting


The 8 Rules of Grade 8:

  1. Be accountable for your own behaviour.
  2. Come to class with completed assignments/homework.
  3. Be prepared for each class (materials).
  4. Respect your peers. Treat people the way you want to be treated.
  5. Raise your hand when you have something to say.
  6. Follow directions the first time they are given.
  7. Clean up after yourself.
  8. Devices are to be used for educational purposes during instructional time.

The following will be the consequences for not following the rules:

1) Warning: verbal warning to indicate that the behaviour is unacceptable and needs to be changed.

2) Complete Behaviour Think Sheet: completed by student. Encourages them to reflect on unacceptable behaviour and make a plan to change.

3) Parent/Guardian contact: The first two consequences were ineffective; student/teacher connects with home to create plan with parent(s)/guardian(s) (email, phone, etc.).

4) Parent/Guardian conference with Principal: Student continues unacceptable behaviour. Teacher, student, parent(s)/guardian(s), and Principal generate school specific plan.


Below you can find a copy of the Grade 8 student contract:

Grade 8 Student Contract