For Monday,

  • type up your monologue and hand in for grading. Please hand in your rough copy, good copy and feedback
  • practice your monologue, presenting Monday
  • complete 2 showing sentences (below is an example – remember to use action verbs and adjectives to make your sentence come alive!)showing_example

History – type up monologues to be handed in for grading. Both the rough copy and good copy MUST be handed in.

Language – monologues written on Monday need to be handed in tomorrow as well

8H & 8C
Math – practice writing some math problems involving division of decimals by decimals, and then solve them.

History:  Finish up researching information on reasons why people were for or against confederation.  Practice monologues to present tomorrow.

Math – Make up some math sums involving division of decimals by decimals using some of the strategies we used in class today.

History – Finish up researching reasons each colony had to support or oppose Confederation.  Think of the reasons your assigned citizen might have.  You will need this information to write your monologues tomorrow.  See the history section for a sample monologue.

Language – Choose 7 of your 10c and 25c words.  Think of a central theme and write a paragraph that includes your 7 chosen words.

- finish cell project (due Tuesday)

– complete History task #4 – research  some of the reasons people had FOR and AGAINST confederation. Bring reasons to history on Tuesday

– Group B will be handing in their reading responses on Tuesday morning!


Complete your symbolic representation for one of your words you wrote down today. Here is the sample we used today.


Language – choose 2 of your 25c words.  Write a definition in your own words.  Draw a symbolic representation of your words.

History – All webs must be completed by Friday.  Complete task 4 for homework


Complete history task 2- Find a map of Canada in 1867 and compare it to a map of Canada today. Discuss the difference. Please bring this to class tomorrow!

Just a reminder that photo day is tomorrow. Bring your smile :)

and Pizza forms are due!


History – Finish up the web from today’s lesson.  Start researching information for task 4

Science – Study for test on Friday, October 10

Math – Make up some word problems involving decimal numbers up to thousandths and practice multiplying them by 2 digit numbers using different strategies

Pizza forms due Wednesday, Oct. 8

Picture day, Oct. 8



History – Research the different colonies in the BNA in the 1860s.  Create a chart using headings such as population make-up, trading partners; industries, etc to record your findings.

Science – Study for test on Friday, Oct. 10

Math – Make up some word problems involving decimal numbers up to thousandths and practice multiplying them by a 1 digit number using different strategie