Students were excited to get their Grad Wear today! All orders have been given to the students who placed an order. If you would still like to order something please see Miss Hodgins for an order form.


For your fairy tale drama assignment:

For this assignment, you will be working in groups to record a podcast performance of a fairy tale script. These scripts were originally designed to be used for an actual play, so it will be your responsibility to consider how to best translate all of the physical actions and instructions in the script into an “audio version”, using sound effects and music to help the listener imagine exactly what is happening in the story. The scripts are all based on fairy tales, but with a modern twist (rapping about Rapunzel, solving crime with Rumplestiltskin, taking Cinderella to court).

These podcasts can be recorded on iPads using a variety of apps (e.g. Voice Memo, GarageBand, iMovie, Explain Everything…) or on computers. Once they have all been recorded, we will be presenting them to the class and having them evaluated by our peers



Hey again everyone,

I just wanted to say that I am seeing a lot of great work so far in your city planning! Judging by how far everyone is in their work at the moment, I am thinking that we may need a little bit of extra time to make sure everything is polished, so we will have two more full periods to complete the project (remember that this includes the final copy of the map, the sheet with explanations and calculations, and all rough work).

I also wanted to pass along a few resources, so that you can review any concepts that you may be having trouble with in class…

Parallel Lines
Z Pattern (or “Alternate Exterior Angles”)
Opposite Angle Relationship
Supplementary Angles
Perpendicular Lines
Similar Shapes
Pythagorean Theorem
Composite Shape
Polyhedron Net

Good luck!

Hi guys,

I just wanted to remind everyone that the list of Disaster Report topics has been shared with you in our Google Drive folder (8C – Sharing) under “Copy of List of Possible Disasters”. While many have already been taken,there are still plenty of interesting topics left and you can also choose a disaster that is not included on the list.

Please look over the list over the next few days, and make sure that you have a topic chosen for Thursday’s class! If you think of a topic earlier than that, let me know and I can update the list accordingly.

Hi everyone,

As some of you may know, Ancaster Meadow will be having an open house on April 30th, and we want to try to encourage as many families to come in as possible and admire all the great work that’s happening at Ancaster Meadow!

In order to help build some excitement, I’d like to find a few Grade 8 volunteers who would be willing to record and edit a few short films and interviews that we can post on the Ancaster Meadow website and YouTube channel! If you have any interest, please come speak with me in class or during either Nutrition Break as soon as possible.

It would be a great opportunity to not only give back to the school community, but also work with your classmates and show off your tech-savviness and media-expertise! Thanks guys.

Below is a link to sign up. Please check that someone isn’t already doing that topic

For review

Re-watch the videos on states of matter and particle theory:

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to post some of the worksheets and definitions for those of you who would like to study or take another look at the concepts we have worked on so far in this unit. Please remember, I am available at nutrition breaks to work on any concepts you may be struggling with so do not hesitate to come speak with me!

For anyone wanting review of the concepts we have covered, please check out the links below…


Composite Shapes

Transversals and Parallel Lines

Angle Properties of Triangles

And here are the worksheets…

Similar Shapes – Worksheet

Angle Properties of Quadrilaterals – Worksheet

Pythagorean Theorem – Worksheet

Quadrilateral Definitions – Worksheet

All of this information will be useful for you to review, as we will be revisiting these ideas for our culminating activity, which we will begin next week.

Today Grad photos will be sent home with the students. Orders are due back at the school on Thursday, April 16, 2015.

I have been marking the Geometry quizzes that you all completed last week, and they will be returned to you this week.

For anyone who received a Level 1 on their quiz or who missed one of the lessons covered on the quiz, I would like to speak with you to make sure that you are caught up and have a thorough understanding of these concepts. Anyone else with questions regarding their quizzes or who would like any additional support is also welcome to come speak with me at any time.

I will be offering some additional math support during the following times this week:

Wednesday – 2nd Nutrition Break
Thursday – 2nd Nutrition Break
Friday – 1st and 2nd Nutrition Break

Hope you all had a great long weekend!