8H and 8C Science Homework:

- please finish today’s work on How Water Influences Weather and Climate. The pages you need are on the science page

8H and 8C Science Homework:

- please finish the Ship Connection question and hand it in on Tuesday, December 16. Remember to use evidence and details from our experiment to support your opinion.


- History presentations on Monday

- 8C and 8H Don’t forget to pick 3 days to complete your Water Audits – bring data on Tuesday

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Homework for 8H

The diameter of the wheels of Xavier’s bicycle is 80cm. Calculate the circumference of the wheels.

At a zoo, the giraffes are fenced inside a circular field with a radius of 700m. What length of fencing is needed? Draw a picture to show your thinking.


BASEF Science Fair Information:

The Bay Area Science and Engineering Fair is an annual event that takes place at Mohawk College. Students are invited to create a project (an experiment, innovation, or a study) which can be completed independently or with a partner. Participation in this project is voluntary. Students who have followed the application process, and have been invited by BASEF to participate in the fair, will require transportation and supervision for the event.  Please note that creating a project does not guarantee a position at the fair.

For students seriously interested, please visit the links listed below for project details and information.

Hockey theme  video format –
Music theme video format –
Solar theme video format –

Here are links to the print formats as well.

Hockey theme print format –
Music theme print format –
Solar theme print format –​​

Friday, November 28, 2014


Students need to finish their introductory paragraph for their language inquiry assignment.  The paragraph must consist of a lead sentence, a thesis statement and a sentence that connects the lead to your thesis statement.  Feel free to send them to me via google drive over the weekend for feedback.  Also see the language section to visit some links we have added to help you review some of the concepts that we have studied in language class over the last 3 months.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Tomorrow is black and gold/yellow day.  Let’s send out Tigercats some positive energy.

Please return all report cards.

8H Reminders 

– Please remember to bring back your signed portfolio by Friday!


Monday, October 6, 2014


History – Finish up the web from today’s lesson.  Start researching information for task 4

Science – Study for test on Friday, October 10

Math – Make up some word problems involving decimal numbers up to thousandths and practice multiplying them by 2 digit numbers using different strategies

Pizza forms due Wednesday, Oct. 8

Picture day, Oct. 8



History – Research the different colonies in the BNA in the 1860s.  Create a chart using headings such as population make-up, trading partners; industries, etc to record your findings.

Science – Study for test on Friday, Oct. 10

Math – Make up some word problems involving decimal numbers up to thousandths and practice multiplying them by a 1 digit number using different strategies.

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